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There are many kinds of stories about the the St. Croix river region.. some involve people we remember from our families, our customs or our communities; some stories are about a famous event or a recurring event such as an annual festival. Stories can also be about special places -- historic, natural or cultural -- and your memories of visiting them. Or they can be about specific places or people and cultures that lived in our region previously. There really are no right or wrong answers about what a story can be.

What do you remember that says why our region is special to the people who live here? Why it is special for our children and grand children? Why it might be special and of interest for visitors?
  • My story is about a Place, a Tradition or specific People or Community? (please check one)
  • My story is also about (check as many of these that apply)
  • Provide a title for your story summarizing the key idea or focus in one sentence.
  • Insert your story or information and tell us why its important to you or why it might be important to your grandchildren or visitors to our region. Write as much as you want and feel free to include drawings or photos below.
  • Where did your story occur? You can be as specific as an exact address, a latitude and longitude, or general such as a city/town/village, county, zip code or general location.
  • If your story comes from a specific book or document, please give us the source.
  • Or mail your story to North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix Heritage Area, P.O. Box 136, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047