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Mercord Mill Park- where the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers Meet

Margaret Smith
Mercord Mill Park near downtown Prescott , WI 54021

Prescott, Wisconsin is where the St. Croix River flows into the Mississippi River. The mouth of the St. Croix empties its sapphire blue waters into the mighty Mississippi, and all this is visible at Mercord Mill Park, just a block or two away from downtown Prescott (for a bluff side view of the mixing of the waters, head to the Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center about 1/2 mile south on Hwy 35).

Mercord Mill Park once featured a mill which made wheat flour. That is long gone. However, a sign in this riverside park explains the history of the Mercord Mill and the early settlement of Prescott as a fur trade site.

This public park is a wonderful place to see eagles and other raptors, plus waterfowl of all kinds. In 2001, more than 100,000 birds (over 70% waterfowl) were documented passing through the narrowing of the Mississippi between Prescott, WI and Hastings, MN. The open waters, public access for bird watching, fishing and boating, make this a great place to stop to enjoy a rich array of wildlife, especially birds on the great Mississippi River Flyway, and birds going north into the St. Croix river watershed. Don’t forget to look for the peregrine falcons nesting on the nearby railroad bridge towers.

The photo shows eagles enjoying the open waters of the mouth of the St. Croix entering the Mississippi, with Sundby daymark.

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