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Canoe: Explore the Legacy in Spooner

When Sieur du Lhut, the first European known to have visited the valley of the St. Croix, arrived here in 1679, he would certainly not have been surprised to discover a native culture dominated by the birch bark canoe. After all, he came from the north, traveling all the way from Montreal, through wind and […]

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From fame to fire

“Hell hath overtaken me at last, the world divided, tinder and ash. Limbs lopped from the pines have made a pyre And now the very air has come afire … in the ascendant inferno bright soon I will be an angel of light.” – “Boston Corbett dies, alone and forgotten, in the Great Hinckley Fire […]

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Original Surveyor Notes for Wisconsin are online

Did you know if you live in Wisconsin you can go online and view the original surveyor notes for your county, township or even the area where you live? The UW Digital Collections hosts the website with Wisconsin’s original land records. The original records are kept through the WI Board of Commissioners of Public Lands […]

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