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The following table contain an inventory of historical, cultural, and natural resources associated with the North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix National Heritage Area. It was created in 2014 as part of the Feasibility Study.

The inventory presents information on resource type, location, relationship to proposed themes, and National Register status. It should be considered a work in progress—resources will continue to be identified and added through time.

Resource Types

The following inventory is sorted by state then county. It contains a variety of different resource types. Abbreviations are listed here:

AS=Archaeological Site
C/MP=County/Municipal Park
HD=Historic District
HS=Historic Site
F=Festivals and Events
M=Museum or Visitor Center
NA=Natural Area
NHL=National Historic Landmark
NP=National Park
SB=Scenic Byway
SF=State Forest
SP=State Park
W&SR=Wild and Scenic River